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Evening Flights of Fancy

Awake When Others Sleep

I used to be a voracious consumer of fanfic. These days, I don't read so much but I've started dabbling in writing.

My interests are varied but inevitably fannish. I tend to be monomaniacal but I have a relatively short attention span. If you aren't interested in what I'm babbling about at the moment, wait a few days/weeks/months. I usually dabble on the slashy side of fandom, though there's a bit of gen to be found here. Fair warning: I express my vast and all-consuming love of my favourite characters by putting them through hell and back. (They generally earn a happy ending. Most of the time.)

Fic is organized by tags and in memories.

Also! For purposes of comm membership and other age-sensitive issues... I am well over the age of 18 and am thus legally able to look at all manner of pretty/sexy/whatever material. :D